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👋 Hey, we’re Seedstash

We’re a small team of four, passionate about building high quality, easy-to-use products that make people’s lives simple, seamless, and secure. Seedstash’s founder and CEO Mario Gomez-Hall has experience building startups and designing products you likely use daily, like Square and Lyft. Our team of talented engineers and designers have experience across companies large and small, like Microsoft, Lattice, Hopper, and Splunk, and are motivated to build simple, quality, powerful products for our users.

We’re backed by world-famous early-stage venture capitalist 776 Ventures and Kindred Ventures, along with a group of Angel investors and advisors whose experience in the industry is unmatched.

  • Remote with quarterly meet-ups
    - Preference toward candidates working in Bay Area, NYC, San Diego, or Salt Lake City
  • Generous PTO with encouragement and policies designed to make you take it
  • A 3-day weekend every other week
  • Top-tier healthcare
  • Competitive salary based on location and benefits you'll actually care about

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled and passionate iOS Engineer to join our development team as the sole iOS expert. As the Lead iOS Engineer at Seedstash, you will play a pivotal role in designing, developing, and maintaining our iOS application, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience, in addition to leading and building a team over time.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to shape the iOS development landscape at Seedstash and contribute significantly to the growth and success of our company. Finally, you’ll help scale the iOS team, supporting our recruiting efforts through interviews, networking, and role development.

  • 5+ years of proven experience you're proud of, working as an iOS Engineer, with a strong portfolio of iOS applications developed.
  • Strong proficiency in Swift and familiarity with Objective-C.
  • Solid understanding of iOS frameworks, architecture, and best development practices.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs and integrating third-party libraries and SDKs.
  • Knowledge of secure coding practices and cryptographic techniques.
  • Familiarity with Git or similar version control systems.
  • Experience with test- and behavior-driven development.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, adaptability, and the ability to thrive in a startup environment.
  • You are someone who:
    - can define their own work and plan from abstract guidelines
    - works well with and enjoys collaborating with a team of opinionated yet open individuals
    - can effectively communicate expectations and ask questions
    - has strong written communication skills

Our Mission

At Seedstash, we’re focused on making it easy for anyone to join the world of crypto without worry. We believe that the blockchain (the backbone of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and everything else “crypto”) will tremendously change the internet for the better, from simplifying international money movement to putting the power of your data in your own hands rather than tech companies’ servers, but it’s in its infancy. Many call this new evolution of the internet “web3,” as it is similar to the leap we made from web 1.0’s read-only, informational webpages to web 2.0’s user-generated content and e-commerce focus.

However, as with any new technology, crypto today can be complicated, hard to use, and potentially risky. By putting security into users’ hands, it’s harder to make sure they’re protected from both bad actors and their own mistakes. Seedstash makes it easy to feel confident on web3, by encrypting and backing up your crypto accounts in an easy to use, cross-platform solution that’s impossible to hack.

Company Values

  • We doesn't mean me
    There is nothing more powerful than a group of intelligent, caring people working toward a shared vision and sense of purpose. Our shared strength will make light work of heavy lifting.
  • Respect is a two way street. Trust is a neighborhood.
    Each of us is here for a reason. We all have the same goal, care immensely about the quality of our work, have made sacrifices to be here, and want to succeed. Trust each other’s intentions and support our shared goal, and communicate with empathy when things are going wrong or right.
  • Optimism wins
    When we believe we can do something, we find a way. Don’t immediately discount something because it may be hard; instead, work together to make each piece easier. Rather than seeing the glass as half-empty or half-full, find ways to fill it.
  • Think with imagination, build with perspective
    Our destination is far beyond the horizon, but we know what it looks like. We can only go so far each day, so we must plan our moves and rest and recuperate regularly. Don’t stop at “we can” — keep going until “we should” and not a step further. Build iteratively and rationally for our users today, removing the superfluous to optimize toward value. Our road is long and winding, and we should pause to take in each scenic view, but the final vista is always worth reaching.
  • Fill your glass to fill another's
    We’re not a family. We’re not robots. We’re humans, with rich lives, interests, relationships, responsibilities, and feelings. Take care of yourself and allow others to do the same — we can’t give to others if our cup is empty.

Focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Seedstash was started by Mario Gomez-Hall, a Latino founder and the son of an immigrant. Diversity is core to our identity and we believe deeply in the effect that one’s perspective and background brings to a workforce.

We recognize there are many kinds of diversity: gender, age, socioeconomic status, ability, and everything in between, and our goal is to form a company that reflects the value this diversity brings.

We are building for the crypto users of tomorrow. To make our ecosystem more approachable, simple, and valuable, we must seek out diverse voices today. We believe strongly in retaining diverse talent through thoughtful, employee-focused policies that treat you as a person, not a “resource.” We’ll continue to evaluate our processes, goals, and metrics when hiring to optimize for diversity, and welcome any constructive feedback in creating a more welcoming company.